Why choose our Redlo team?

Redlo Ltd has a long history of proven success within recruitment, and has fees typically below the major rivals. Our team have the highest standards of long term success of senior candidate placement.  We do not have staff working on commission for each placement, and we thus take longer  to select our candidates as our staff are targeted on 100% candidate matching, and levels of added value offered to our long term partnerships. Our benefits are clear and financial and ethically strong which has allowed our team to meet all of our client’s long term recruitment plans.

Our team have proven success within the Recruitment services:

  • Unique candidate profiling that allows our team to successfully place senior staff.
  • Proven success within all levels  of Sales recruitment.
  • 100% Client satisfaction results from all placements.
  • Long term cost benefits for HR managers.
  • Our Staff are measured on building “Long term partnership”s for HR departments.
  • Testimonials from our clients demonstrate our long term, staff skills
  • Our Staff don’t work on commission within our Recruitment business, and thus are driven to achieve higher standards than rivals.

Our recruitment team work with senior management candidates and these typically will start with those with salaries above £20,000 and those that have at least three years work experience through to six figure Director level candidates.

The simple fact that we spend 1/3 of our lives at work is a sign that obtaining the correct motivated senior staff is vital at any business.  Great staff selection is vital, and our team have a proven ability to place senior staff across the UK.

Recruiters also benefit from our unique candidate profiling that has 100% success. Candidates seeking a new role are advised to send in CV’s to our team as our clients recruitment needs vary each day and week. Our site also offers CV tips for job seekers as we wish to enhance all candidates as they seek to find the idea job that they can add value and enjoy.

Free coffee/tea meeting to discuss the opportunities to enhance your recruitment plans is just a phone call away!

Next Steps: We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can ensure you benefit from our proven recruitment services. Please call or email to arrange a free consultation and to discuss the many options.

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