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Staff Reviews: 

Lynx have a proven ability to measure your current sales staff performance and strategy, and are able to provide a range of reviews to suit you staffing aspirations. Our reports have lowered staff turnover and costs for our clients. Lynx will spend time with clients staff to gather current and future plans, and then build our bespoke recommended plans for growth. Our reviews have often led to new ideas/strategies to be used within the Sales/Marketing teams to grow new business, or improve the entire staff productivity.

Case Studies:

On one occasion we reviewed a national FMCG organisation and achieved a 93% match to the Sales Directors review of the department of 18 staff.  The department was witnessing a higher than average staff turnover, and falling sales nationally. Our recommendations and review was used to shape the team, and build a robust succession plan for the team. 90% of the staff have remained within the organisation after two years, and three have been promoted internally, with one external recruitment.

“Your review of my sales team was extremely accurate, positive and insightful and led to growth for my staff and the department. We have now invested significantly in our staff and tools for the team”. Sales Director-Manchester

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Within another leading global organisation, we identified a new sales team structure option, and this led to a double digit profit growth from the department. We produced staff training recommendations, and our review lowered the staff turnover by 84%.

“The Sales review was great to use when reviewing my team, and was integrated within our recruitment and sales strategy. The review was useful before we started the recruitment we had planned.  I would recommend the service as its enhanced our sales growth”.    CEO (70+ staff) Cambridge

Please feel free to contact our team on 07586 342161 or email us at:

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