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Cultural Matching:

At Redlo Lynx we take time to gain your company aspirations, and we will work to our high standards to ensure we add value to your recruitment process and exceed your expectations. Many of our team are aware of the need for Cultural Matching of candidates and companies, and this is a key focus for the entire team at Redlo Lynx. A 2005 meta-analysis by Kristof-Brown reported that employees who fit well with their organization, coworkers, and supervisor:

  1. Had greater job satisfaction
  2. Identified more with their company
  3. Were more likely to remain with their organization
  4. Were more committed
  5. Showed superior job performance

Studies of cultural fit across many countries have also found a relationship between cultural fit and mental and physical health – so if your job fits your personality, you’re less likely to exhibit signs of depression, anxiety and the like, and you might live longer

We always aim to meet your team to understand the culture and organisational aspirations and have a track record of recruitment success that ensures we match your exact requirements.

The Redlo Lynx team have experienced poor recruitment from leading global organisations, and could see opportunities to improve the services offered. This includes HR services that include on-boarding (induction) planning, and reviewing your current sales team, and designing strategies to match your aspirations.

Testimonial: “Redlo offered our team cultural fit, and low cost recruitment of our sales staff.  Our fee was £9k lower than a major rival, and we will use Redlo again”. Lucy  HR director London.

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Redlo Blog: What’s wrong with the Lottery?

The key main issues with the Lottery (lotto) are checking the raffle numbers is not very easy,  and boredom. The terminals in the shops do not check the raffle numbers we were told last year!  This stopped our office team buying lotto tickets since last November, and we moved to once a week Euro tickets. (We thought the terminals checked the raffle numbers.)

We all have spent the millions, and built the idea home, and stocked the ideal dream garage, or spent some cash to obtain a holiday, but the chances of winning are now too far removed even for our dreams.

Boredom comes also from the fact we have too many draws to remember! We do not really need two Euro draws, plus the elephant in the room.  The number of numbers in the draw now is too many, and this just means more roll-overs and customers become bored and forget to buy tickets. Customers will now see a 1/14 million probability just becoming out of reach, and see the rollovers as less winners weekly and this has driven playing numbers down. Boredom has also played its part, and I like the Euro Raffle Holidays to New York/Japan, but again, I feel these are just too much of a 1/14 million chance. The Euro Lottery Raffle numbers are easier to check, but again, I have no idea whom wins these? A final thought on the lottery is on the boredom theme. I really do feel each week the Lotto is just a bit dull now, with £3m or £52m, it will probably just roll over, so I will wait? Maybe next week I will play?

I get they wanted more roll over’s to attract more attention and to justify the price increase of the tickets, but players like our team have played less, so it’s backfired. We have three great ideas to drive more traffic for Camelot, but that’s only if Camelot want to hear from us? What are the chances of that?

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Our Next Topics: Company Cars, and Motivating techniques for Managers.

Redlo has a long history of proven success within HR Services and staff recruitment, and we benefit from fees typically below the major rivals. Our team have the highest standards of long term success of senior candidate placement.  We do not have staff working on commission for each placement, and we thus take longer  to select our candidates as our staff are targeted on 100% candidate matching, and levels of added value offered to our long term partnerships. Our benefits are clear and financial and ethically strong which has allowed our team to meet all of our client’s long term recruitment plans.

Our team have proven success within the HR Services:

  • Business reviews to create winning strategies for growth.
  • Unique candidate profiling that allows our team to successfully place senior staff.
  • 100% Client satisfaction results from all placements.
  • Long term cost benefits for HR managers.
  • Our Staff are measured on building “Long term partnership”s for HR departments.
  • Testimonials from our clients demonstrate our long term, staff skills



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