Redlo Procurement Services


Redlo have supported all types and size of organisation save money and gain more visibility of costs. From saving one client just over £72,000 to saving another £15m, our proven procurement services team are able to assist any size of organisation.  Proven and qualified staff here at Redlo can assist you to gain control of your costs, and offer contract management services to ensure all agreements are adhered to for the length of the time required.

Contract Control can assist you with ensuring you’re benefiting from the required services or goods, and our procurement team can advise on contract measures and proven strategies to lower your costs. All organisations, in all sectors face risks from rising costs or contracts not meeting to your requirements.

Experience in hundreds of sectors: From fleet cars, to FMCG ingredients, packaging or phone contracts, our team benefit from a wide range of success at lowering costs and offering Procurement services to save you time and money.

The many benefits of gaining control of your costs/spending:

  • Lower Stress across the business.
  • Increased profits, and growth.
  • Higher profits to invest in Staff/NPD/Designs.
  • More cash to invest and grow the business.
  • Less risk of the business closing or losing market share.
  • Higher staff morale as the business stability increases.
  • Lower Staff turnover as the business is more stable.

Should you wish to benefit from our objective insights then please call our team today and we can start to help your business cost avoid or cost control.  Our testimonials below showcase our knowledge gap filling services that have significant proven benefits to many. We are hired to review your costs, and advise where possible of strategies to lower your costs. In many recent examples we have gained control of costs, and helped businesses to adapt to new ways of working for growth.

Our team of proven procurement experts build long term relationships. Our business is built on relationships, and we hope to be front of mind should your business require insights or advice as markets and customer requirements change.

Contact our team to discuss your Procurement aspirations on the below options:

Email us at:   Call our team on  07586 342161.