Creating New Markets/Getting Ahead Of Your Strategic Group.

Creating New Markets/Getting Ahead Of Your Strategic Group.

Firms competing on price can be very dangerous, our consultants at Lynx can offer over 130 other options before you look at lowering your prices. Our strategy team will also look at the option of competing in new profitable markets. The Lynx team will review your rivals and work to create new markets, and detail how can you create strategies that anticipate any rival action. Lynx have a proven ability to find a competitive advantage that could create a new market.

We are proven to offer creative new ways of delivering value to current & non consumers. Within some clients we have worked on NPD and created bigger, brighter services/products that appealed a new market.

“The Lynx Strategy team were very flexible and helped us gain new clients and to find and exploit new markets. Lynx Strategies are now working across our business with the highest level of staff engagement.”London CEO

You want to move ahead of your competitors, as this is part of corporate strategy.

Our team will get to know your competition, and its strategic groups (Price/Focus/Differentiation) and we work on creating new business models. This allows us to identify opportunities (gaps/niches) and threats across strategic spaces.

Strategy is not something you do once and then simply follow. A great strategy is needed as business and markets evolve and grow/decline. We see many using a strategy that worked last year, and then seem amazed as rivals gain new market share or grow into offering profitable new services. Strategy is about adapting to circumstances to achieve set objectives. A Lynx strategist will see the bigger picture so that you can create strategy that will shape the future.

  • Our team will know where you are in the industry/product & company lifestyle.
  • Our creative skills allow our teams to produce strategic response to the threats and opportunities of growth.
  • Our team have helped firms move ahead of competitors, and offered new strategies for growth.

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