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Business Strategy and how Lynx are your chosen consultants.

Q) What is Strategy?  Strategy is about shaping the future.

The word Strategy dates back to its origins in the Greek word strategos which means general or person who has an army (stratus) to lead. For any business and its staff, it’s key to ask four fundamental strategy questions.

  1. What are you doing at the moment?
  2. What do you want (need) to achieve?
  3. How does that compare your key rivals?
  4. How can you create something people will want?

Based on the above answers, and our Lynx strategic planning services we will work to ensure your road-map for growth is clear and motivating.  Strategy is all about thinking, being creative, and out-thinking your competition and we have a proven ability to help you achieve this. We have created strategies that allowed our clients to gain new market share, lower spending, and invest in new profitable sectors. Making your Strategy work is also vital, and we don’t just create strategy documents, we make them work, and drive engagement with the strategy.

Testimonial: “Lynx offers great results and they helped our team exploit new strategic options. Flexible and easy to work with, the Lynx team have helped generate lasting value.” –Chester CEO.

Strategy is not a solo operation as it should involve people at all levels, inside and outside the business. Lynx advisers will bring the strategy to life, and a balanced scorecard is used for measuring strategy and managing progress. Lynx will aim to bring Strategy to all and let you live and breath it!

Q) Why create a new strategy or work on our current one when it’s working?

A) You need to review your strategy to enable you to keep your business competitive (winning) or other people (firms) will create  new strategies and start to take your sales/clients. Our team at Lynx  can help review and advise on your best strategies, and options for new markets, or to defend new entrants.

Making the right strategic decisions for your business is vital, and seeing the bigger picture will help you gain new opportunities. Lynx have helped many become strategic thinkers, and get ahead of the strategic group. From strategy creation (bigger picture) to making better strategic decision sand adapting to your competitive environment, our team create winning strategies for all. We have a proven ability to offer strategic reviews, seeking strategic advantages, and have developed winning strategies for all our clients. Lynx team have a proven ability to find your competitive advantage and know how to make your chosen strategy work and we have seen the risk of not focusing on your strategic direction.

The risk of not making decisions (procrastination) or not seeing the bigger picture can end a business very quickly. We have listed some key headlines on strategy for your records below and on our website, but would advise you contact our team to discuss your aspirations for growth. Call our team to find out more about our Strategy services for your business today!

Email us at:  Call our team on  07586 342161.

Why a Lynx strategy consultant can help?

  • Have you lost sales/clients to rivals or feel your competition is gaining sales/clients? We could help you gain new niche markets or defend your position. (We create a visual, engaging clear road-map for your team!)
  • Even winning (current) strategies require reviews to make sure you not about to lose significant sales!
  • Linking your strategy to the current/past and future trends helps lower business risk!
  • Gaining staff engagement to your strategy via our experienced consultants at Lynx.
  • Strategy is about creative thinking and we have decades of experience to offer.
  • Creating brilliant new Strategies allow you to gain competitive advantage over rivals, or to gain more market share!
  • Your rivals might be changing the service/product offered based on a strategy review!
  • New market trends could result in your company losing sales in a short period of time.
  • Lynx will gain a detailed understanding your organisation: your operation, competitive dynamics, your culture & objectives and challenges. Lynx will then apply our proven insights to your aspirations and objectives. Call our team to find out more about our Strategy services for your business today! Email us at:   Call our team on  07586 342161.

Lynx take time to think with you:

Your vision is always first, and planning sadly can dominate your strategy which means it’s not going to work! We see the fastest growing businesses that work with Lynx give time to think about the strategy, and then plan for its actions and we hear of firms that ignore thinking.  This results in strategies that do not work and this can end your business!

Lynx say strategy is about taking the fastest/shortest route between means and ends.

There are always shorter routes for getting where you want, and how your service/goods can be used or viewed. Call our team to discuss your aspirations for growth, and how to get ahead of your strategic group, and to find new markets!

Email us at:   Call our team on  07586 342161.

Example: We use the example of Blockbuster that was once national in the UK and USA and had the film market covered. Then things change, and the way people can now get TV and films has changed. Think of today’s Netflix/Amazon and the brilliant BBC i-player. Where is Blockbuster today and what strategy did it think would help keep it strong and successful?

Our team have a proven ability to offer any business our series of packages that help you build the best possible strategy. Contact our team to discuss your Business Strategy aspirations on the below options:

Email us at:   Call our team on  07586 342161.

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