Lynx Strategy & Seeing the big picture

Lynx Strategy & Seeing the big picture

Strategist looks inside, outside the organisation and is not limited to the production schedule, or plan for the next quarter. Considering the wider picture (and how Lynx can help) is a vital part of strategy. The essence of being a great strategic thinker is to be able to look up from the day-to-day and spot opportunities.

“The Lynx strategy team allowed us to see the wider risks and the key opportunities we had missed and helped us to build a new strategy for growth. We now also have excellent contingency plans and regular strategy reviews.” Derbyshire CEO.

Below we have listed some elements from our training solutions for your records, alongside some examples to help bring the action into a real life scenario.

Seeing the bigger picture requires you look forward to spot what will happen to your business if trends continue, and what happens if your assumptions were wrong? In this part you’re looking forward to judge when it’s better to change, and spot options. (The Lynx Strategy team have recently helped an expanding business to enter into new profitable markets that it had ignored, and now that team has 15 staff, and is expanding.)

Outward looking is also one of the many key focus areas, and we look at your rivals and the social and market changes. In this area we have often spent time with our client’s offices, or outlets and taken time to review the entire product/service at every opportunity. (With a recent client we spotted some new packaging options, and this led to national new listings and extra new markets for the client.)

Looking backwards is perhaps easier for most as the information is fact, and now part of history. We advise you to look at where your success and failures came from, and lessons learned. (We recently carried out this work in France for an expanding technology business, and they had failed to spot some key patterns that led them to try some now very successful NPD lines.) 

Our team are proven to help your business gather a wider strategic out-look. Call today to discuss your strategy aspirations. Email us at:   Call our team on  07586 342161.

Risk of not seeing the bigger picture?

Looking at the bigger picture can get very complicated. Your business will require a clear road-map to help others grasp the big picture and the action steps required. Those that do not take time to look at the big picture are not being strategic, and missing out on significant opportunities or threats to the business.

How we can help: Lynx can ensure your strategy is ready, and best suited to your plans and aspirations. Our team have assisted many with seeing the wider picture, and have communicated the reviews in simple formats that help all stakeholders grasp the opportunities/threats. We can spot success within a company when our team share ways of working so that seeing the pictures becomes second nature.

Our team have a proven ability to offer any business our series of packages that help you build the best possible strategy. Contact our team to discuss your Business Strategy aspirations on the below options:

Email us at:   Call our team on  07586 342161.