Lynx Business Health Reviews

Business Health Reviews:

Our team are highly experienced at offering value adding Business guidance or strategy planning to all sizes of organisations across the UK. Our team have successfully advised expanding organisations how to cope with sudden growth, and also advised companies how to address slowing sales, or costs rising above budget. If your business has any of the below warning signs then contact our team:

  1. Slowing Sales/Rivals gaining market share.
  2. Staff turnover rising.
  3. Costs rising faster than forecast.
  4. Low staff morale.
  5. Company losing market share/poor strategy success.
  6. Laws/Market Trends impacting on your sales/income.
  7. Lower than forecast sales/profits.

In one recent case study we offered our Health Check Review to an expanding technology organisation in the Midlands that was facing rising costs and a high staff turnover, and now that are posting double digit profit growth, with 60% less staff turnover and now they are expanding into Europe.


CEO/Electrical Service Provider: “Your team gave our business a full audit, and in record time had identified areas of improvement, saved us tens of thousands and generated a new strategy for growth. We would recommend the Health check for all organisations.”

Contact our team to discuss your Business Services aspirations on the below options:

Email us at:   Call our team on  07586 342161.

Company/Category Research:

Our HR Services team offer a wide range of Company services that include company research. If you are looking for data and insights on a particular company or research of a category we can help. Our reports offer detailed and specific research that has assisted numerous organisations when reviewing rivals or new markets.