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Our Redlo team know the importance of obtaining the correct staff, and the need for excellent Recruitment service. We take time to gain your company and candidate aspirations, and we will work to our high standards to ensure we add value to your recruitment process and exceed your expectations. We always aim to meet your team to understand the culture and organisational aspirations and have a track record of recruitment success that ensures we match your exact requirements.

The Redlo team have experienced poor recruitment from leading global organisations, and could see opportunities to improve the services offered. This includes HR services that include on-boarding (induction) planning, and reviewing your current sales team, and designing strategies to match your aspirations.


The Recruitment process was dynamic, honest and allowed us to halve the time on our  senior management recruitment process. The team within Redlo allowed us unique HR costing options. We saved £5,000 on our last three placements”-HR Manager/Birmingham

Case Study: In December our CEO completed the recruitment process for two organisations, and they benefited from our bespoke services and saved over 15% when compared to our major rival fees.

Cultural match: Our team work to Cultural matches, and to do this we take time to work in partnership with HR Managers.

Senior staff to Directors Our sales recruitment team work with senior management candidates, and these typically will start with those with salaries above £30,000 and have at least three years work experience through to six figure Director level candidates.

Next Steps: We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can ensure you benefit from our recruitment expertise. Please call or email to arrange a free consultation and to discuss the many options. Please feel free to contact our team on:

Call 07586 342161 or email us at: info@Redlo.co.uk

Our History: 
  1. We started in 2013 from a kitchen table one weekend in June. Our team had experienced many years of Sales recruitment from the major UK market leaders within our past jobs, and the service fell significantly below our expectations. This coupled to Human Resources (HR) staff contacting us for candidates resulted in our team starting the business
  2. We have gone from nights in the pub talking about starting a recruitment service to operating nationally in just 18 months.
  3. We benefit from a team that have senior sales recruitment success nationally.
  4. Our team used Yellow Pages and Google + along with a truck load of determination to kick start our kitchen table business. Our Home has become a 24/7 office and the twelve hour days are the norm. Starting and running a business now requires blogs/mail shots/selling/finance in equal measures.
  5. Our site offers tips to others on the path from idea to start up, which has won us some useful advocates. Our ethics remain as strong as ever, and we have supported other accountants/HR start ups, which we feel has enhanced our reputation.