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Why we started our business and the journey we had:

Redlo: Since 2012 our start up team have received many requests from various business stakeholders whom felt our team would add value via sour business services. Our team was thus created in a village near Oxford in 2012 to offer strategy and business solutions to a wide variety of clients.

Why we are different:

Redlo has a long history of proven success within business advisory services and has covered many services for our clients from buying (procurement) to change management services.  Our team are pleased to offer high quality services to leading organisations.  Our team bring over six decades of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and buying experience and we are proud to offer a bespoke and proven value adding services to our clients.

  1. We do not have staff working on commission and thus take longer to build up long term relation ships with our clients. All of our clients whom worked with us in 2012 are still using our team which is a great testimonial.
  2. Our Strategy and Procurement team have helped many clients achieve new growth targets, and saved many from staff cuts.
  3. We offer added value offered to our long term partnerships.
  4. 5% of our profits are donated to charity, with our clients voting on the chosen charity each year.
  5. We work on proven people building qualities and always work to our ethical business KPI’s.


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Call our team on  07586 342161.

Free coffee/tea meeting to discuss the opportunities to enhance your business are just a phone call away! 

Next Steps: We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can ensure you benefit from my expertise. Please call or email to arrange a free consultation and to discuss the many options.

Please feel free to contact our team on 07586 342161 or email us at:

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  • Media: We are able to provide “Copy” for media agencies and PR organisations, just contact us.
  • Registrations: We are run by Lynx HR/CTP and trade under the name

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