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Redlo are pleased to offer a wide range of value adding Business services to leading organisations.  We offer various value added services as listed below that have helped numerous businesses:

  1. Cost Avoid/Procurement: Lower your risk and costs and increase growth and security. We have saved firms millions, and gained more contract control which lowers risk & stress for all!
  2. Business Health Checks: to help you gain sales, gain new competitive services/products. (We check for gaps in the market, training opportunities, new ways of working and restructuring.)
  3. Data training around the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that affects all businesses.
  4. Strategy Services: Redlo say strategy is about taking the fastest route between means and ends. We have helped numerous business stakeholders gain new market share and provide clear road-maps for growth. Even winning (current) strategies require reviews to make sure you not about to lose significant sales!
  5. IT Consultancy Services: We provide your business with a clear road-map for your IT infrastructure that will enable you to achieve your short and long term business objectives. (Guidance on IT strategy, installation of IT/electrical equipment, technology adoption, IT budgeting, contingency planning, risk management and compliance.)
  6. Inductions: UK businesses are losing up to £2bn a year in employee productivity due to inefficient staff induction processes, according to new research. Our HR Services include full on boarding services that have a proven benefit to HR managers, and Hiring departments.
  7. Sales Team Reviews: We have saved HR Managers tens of thousands in staff turnover and recruitment fees, and lowered the staff turnover in all clients. We measure and review all staff (Culture/Personality/Aspirations/Skills) and offer bespoke sales team strategies and road-maps.

Our experienced Business Services team have  helped numerous businesses slow rising costs, and shaped the Strategy for growth for all clients. We work to make your business more efficient and profitable and have increased both the sales and profits for all clients. Our Services team have identified skills gaps, saved clients millions (Procurement) and assisted many clients with new proven strategies that have enhances the business growth.

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  • Sales & Marketing Manager/London: “Redlo  achived a detailed review or our expanding department and offered strategies that our board quickly accepted. These have now driven our business to win new national accounts, and we would use Redlo again.”
  • Procurement: CEO/Birmingham. “Your team saved us over six figures in costs and allowed our team to gain contract control which allowed us to secure the departments jobs.!
  • Strategy/Business Reviews: HR Business Partner/Cambridge “Redlo saved us from extra costs, and allowed our team to build a winning strategy. “
  • Business Health Checks: “Your Redlo team showed our stakeholders the route to growth, and lowered costs and staff turnover. We now can expand and invest in new profitable areas”.

Please feel free to contact our team on 07586 342161 or email us at:

Redlo USP:

  • Our Sales Team Reviews have saved HR Managers tens of thousands in staff turnover and recruitment fees, and lowered the staff turnover in all clients. (See Sales Review Tab)
  • Business Health Checks: These offer strategies to address slowing sales, or higher staff turnover, and have a proven benefit to all within the organisation.  Our team have also saved many organisations millions is costs, which has significantly helped many to expand and develop new products/services.
  • Procurement: Lowering your costs, and gaining control of spending and services are key to all organisations. Having saved over £21m to-date, we benefit from a proven global team of procurement experts with four decades of cost savings, and contract management for any organisation.
  • On-Boarding Services: UK businesses are losing up to £2bn a year in employee productivity due to inefficient staff induction processes, according to new research. Our team can ensure you achieve excellent inductions and use our proven case studies within your business.
  • Lowering Staff Turnover : Does your business suffer from high staff turnover, or that the recruitment process takes a great deal of time, and does not find the right candidate? Our Redlo HR Services team can support you with our sales reviews that have proven benefits to your P&L and will lower your staff turnover.
  • Our Business Services team will know your business aspirations. We take time to understand your organisation, its culture and aspirations to ensure we add value to your P&L. Having spent time getting to know your aspirations, and the organisations plans we become fully integrated into your vision for the future.
  • Our Redlo Cultural profiling has a proven ability to add value to the recruitment process. This allows our team to offer a more bespoke and diligent service versus many high profile rival recruitment providers.
  • Proven HR Service Results: Within some sales reviews for clients we have HR Managers from hiring , and significantly lowered the staff turnover. We have also created bespoke proven sales strategies for clients with slowing sales or poor customer retention.



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