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Redlo Ltd are pleased to offer high quality recruitment and a wide range of HR services to leading organisations.  Our recruitment team focus on senior staff placement and benefit from four decades of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Sales recruitment experience. Our team work on cultural matching, and we take time to understand both the client and candidate aspirations. Redlo recruitment staff are not targeted on placing high levels of candidates, and thus we offer a more detailed and focused selection process.

We also offer various value added services, from on-boarding to detailed training and advice conferences to ensure our clients are fully aware of legislation changes. (These updates currently include the Data changes around General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)).

Our Redlo team have also helped numerous sales team to become more efficient and profitable. Our Sales team reviews have identified skills gaps, and reviewed the sales teams capabilities and then provided new strategies that have enhances the business growth.

Redlo ltd USP:

  • Recruitment: Our service (unique candidate profiling & understanding your organisation aspirations) is more in-depth which enhances the recruitment service provision.
  • Our Redlo Cultural profiling has proven to add value to the recruitment process. (This allows our team to offer a more bespoke and diligent service versus many high profile rival recruitment providers.)
  • Our Redlo Sales Team Reviews have saved HR Managers tens of thousands in staff turnover and recruitment fees, and lowered the staff turnover in all clients.
  • Proven results:Testimonials are available to prove our ability to form long term recruitment services, and to enhance many leading organisations Sales Team following our Redlo reviews.
  • Long Term Relationship building: We always work on a long term ongoing high quality services provision for HR Managers.
  • 100% Match of Candidates: We have seen other recruitment firms appear to gather candidates that only have limited experience within the sectors and then send a handful of possible matches with little care to detail or meeting the clients’ actual aspirations. We take time to understand your organisation, its culture and aspirations to ensure we add value to your recruitment process. Having spent time getting to know your aspirations, and the organisations plans we become fully integrated into your vision for the future. We thus feel our culture and unique candidate selection would add value to your recruitment strategy in 2017/8.
  • Extra HR Services: We have a track record of providing detailed reviews of your current Sales team, and this has helped our clients short and long term recruitment planning. (See our “On-boarding” web page.)

Currently seeking candidates:

We are seeking proven sales candidates, and welcome you sending our team your updated CV and desired next Job title. Please send your CV to our team today. Email

Employers are advised to call to discuss your recruitment requirements with our team. Our database has a vast range of proven candidates, and we have new offers for HR Managers in 2017. Call 07586 342161

Please feel free to contact our team on 07586 342161 or email us at:


  • Candidate: “The Redlo team gave me the direction and support to secure an amazing new role in a few months.”
  • Client “The Recruitment process was dynamic, honest and allowed us to halve the time on our senior management recruitment process. The team within Redlo allowed us unique HR costing options. We saved £5,000 on our three placements” HR Manager/Birmingham
  • Client: “Your recruitment services for our candidates was effortless and very cost competitive. We will only use Redlo going forward!” HR Business Partner. MJR/Midlands.

Redlo recruitment team only select candidates that match the specification after careful considerations to both parties aspirations on a long term basis. This different and proven approach allows our team to achieve a faster placement that leads to longer success for the employer and employee. We don’t just place any staff from our database as some rivals tend to in the hope that some candidates may fit in, we strategically review all our opportunities to meet your exact recruitment long term requirements.

Our database offers new candidate profiling that enables our team to match your requirements. Our CEO is passionate about being effective and efficient at all times, and we work to a proven unique method of recruitment that benefits all parties. For your recruitment requirements, please contact our team for more information.

  • Call (Andrew or Chris) 07586 342161
  • Twitter: @AndrewJRConsult
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Please feel free to contact our team on:  07586 342161

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